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ACAIA Lunar Portafilter Weighing Plate

by Acaia
You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off

ACAIA Lunar Portafilter Weighing Plate

by Acaia
You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off
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You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method

    This aluminum weighing plate in a black matte finish is designed to hold a portafilter or two standard cappuccino cups side-by-side on the Acaia Lunar scale.

    Tailored to fit a standard commercial portafilter or two 180mL cappuccino cups, this weighing plate is EVA foam reinforced for a sturdy grip and vibration reduction and its magnetic design allows quick, precise and easy placement and removal on your Acaia Lunar scale.

    • Weight: 72.1g
    • Dimensions: W80 x L160 x H3mm
    • Material: Aluminium, EVA
    • Inside the Package: Lunar Weighing Plate x 1
  • Use to extendthe weighing platform of your Acaia Lunar scale.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hamze S. (Kitchener, CA)
Good Addition

It’s a good addition to the scale to allow for weighing the long Portafilter. The price is a bit steep for something that can be replaced by a small rectangle of anything. The magnet feature is neat but the magnet is too weak for my liking. If I had to improve it I’d make it just a bit longer as well. Overall it works as expected but price is a bit steep.

Lami H. (Montreal, CA)

Great experience, prices, support and delivery.

Varot W.
Works as expected!

The plate works as it should. The magnet should have been a bit stronger since it kept on moving around if the cups weight are unbalanced between the two side. Otherwise it works perfectly for the portafilter.

Alexandre Gaudreau (Laval, CA)
Not so useful.

I bought this because I didn't realize the Acaia Lunar scale came with it's own very tiny portafilter mat/support so now I no more use it, plus it is pretty hard to clean and honestly that should had been bundled already in my opinion, into the Lunar's box at the price it is being sold at rather than sold seperately at the price of a basic scale, if not even more while it's nothing but a magnetic plate that prolly cost at most 5$ to build. I'd say it's maybe just useful if you want to weight ratio while brewing with the split-shot into 2 latte-cup but even there it barely fits as I have no room to move the Rocket E61 handle once I have the 2 ACME Latte cups on the plate, and 10g for grounds a latte is clearly not enough so it's not a product I will find my self using much if ever again.