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    Matte White Coming Soon!!

    Breaking News! The Fellow Ode has answered the prayers of the Cult of Coffee Believers. Rejoice and be glad! We've been longing for a brew grinder that will give us cafe grade performance and will look good on a countertop. What is the Ode in reference to? Itself? Fellow Believers? Let's take a closer look.

    With professional-grade, 64 mm flat burrs, the Ode will give you consistent, even grounds with minimal boulders and fines. No need to worry about waking your significant other while you're trying to surprise them with breakfast in bed - the Ode is whisper quiet. AND it will auto stop once it's finished grinding - so you can focus on flipping your pancakes or pre-wetting your filter. The magnetic grounds catch is smooth, satisfying, and secure. To top it all off, there's a grounds knocker! Hallelujah! All of us burnt out baristas who miss knocking out the last bits of coffee on a Mahlkonig EK43 get to relive that satisfying experience on the Ode - leaving you with minimal grind retention.

    The Ode is designed to be a single dose grinder - that means bye bye giant hopper and hello to your coffee staying fresher, longer. Fear not, the small hopper can accommodate 80g of coffee - plenty for your big batch brews. With its small footprint, thoughtful design, and premium finish, the Ode is the answer to your home grinding needs and then some. Stop doubting and start believing.

    This 120V model is only compatible with outlets in the US and Canada. To find an international retailer near you, head HERE. Ode Brew Grinder is not an espresso grinder nor suitable for moka pots.

    • Available in Matte Black or Matte White (Coming Soon)
    • Professional-Grade 64mm Flat Burrs
    • Smart Speed PID Motor
    • Easy Grind Adjustment
    • Single Dose Loading
    • Reduced Grind Noise
    • Auto Stop
    • Accessible Home Maintenance
    • Magnetically Aligned Catch
    • Electrically Grounded Chute and Grinds Chamber
    • Grounds Knocker
    • Dimensions: 239 mm x 105 mm x 241.5 mm (9.4″x 4.2″x 9.5″)
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Grinds Capacity: 80g
    • Voltage U.S. and Canada: 120V
    • 1.3 A, 60 Hz, 140 W
    • Materials: Stainless Steel Burrs, Aluminum Body, Plastic Load Bin and Base

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
John A. (Fruitvale, CA)
Fellow Ode

Excellent piece of equipment..does everything as promised..much less mess than expected..looks great and works well under cabinets…for us has been an introduction to Fellow, and have since purchased their pour over makers, storage canisters….and eight Ounce is wonderful in offering timely advice, responsive shipping

John S. (New Westminster, CA)
Great Grinder in most respects

Have had mine for about three weeks. All the reviews indicated that it did not grind fine but was good for pour overs and aeropress. I find that it does not grind fine enough. I am at 1.6 and using a melita drip pour over. For that all my cups are weak . I have to go to a brew ratio lower than 15:1 to get any semblance of regular coffee. For aeropress I now have to have a stand time of 3 minutes , anything less and its weak. I used to grind very fine for an aeropress and wait just 20 seconds . I'm still trying to figure out a quick and easy method. In all other aspects the grinder is a good one with the knocker, magnetic positioning for the cup, lower noise and minimal static in the grounds catcher. The last two features were the main reason to purchase this grinder. I just have to get over the grind size/brew method problem. If anyone has any thought I'd be pleased to listen.

Trinidad (Toronto, CA)
An odd stovepipe jam

Used the Fellow Ode for about 10days and it stopped working, there were beans in the chute and the grinder was working BUT nothing was grinding.
What to do? User manual not useful. YouTube vids from Fellow again not useful. I thought it was dirty burrs and went ahead and disassembled inspected and cleaned. But that wasn't it.
So I disassembled the chute where you load your beans. WARNING: be super careful with the tiny screws.
WHAT I FOUND: the beans had managed to stovepipe themselves in the chute, not able to drop into the grinder. There's no way to see this without disassembly.
WHAT I THINK: perhaps a minor redesign of the chute to prevent beans from stovepiping.

MIKE C. (Edmonton, CA)
A very good grinder

I needed two things above all when upgrading my grinder: a small form factor and reduced noise. The Ode delivers on both, and looks great. I do wish it could grind finer if I want to start dabbling in espresso, but I knew that going in and it delivers for may day-to-day uses.

Ethan (Calgary, CA)
A fantastic BREW grinder

A phenomenal brew grinder for home. It does NOT do espresso, but for brew and filter methods it is hard to beat at this price point. The newer (2021) grinders should come with the updated burrs which allows you to go fine enough for light roasts in v60 which is great. Overall very happy with the grinder and Eight Ounce Coffee!