Espro 58.3mm VST Black Calibrated Tamper

by Espro

The Black version of the Espro VST Calibrated Tamper has unfortunately been discontinued but the Red version will always be available.

Consistency, consistency, consistency

We all want it, but few of us achieve it. Espro to the rescue! Whether you want to improve your own tamp consistency, or want consistency across a few different people/baristi, the Espro Calibrated tamper should be your weapon of choice.

This tamper looks and feels like a traditional espresso tamper (albeit a pretty sexy one) but it's... different. This innovative tamper consistently monitors your tamping force and signals, with a subtle click, when you reach 30 pounds of pressure. Designed specifically to fit VST baskets.

  • Solid 1 pound (454g) tamper weight, perfectly balanced
  • Stainless steel base and anodized aluminum handle
  • Patented 30 pound force actuation
  • Factory calibrated - does not require recalibration or adjustment