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    We were blown away by the complexity and deliciousness of the coffee at Moving Coffee Roastery. A recent visit to Vancouver led us to tasting their offerings and we knew that people need to try Moving Coffee. You can check them out All of the coffees that we brought in from Moving were roasted on April 4th, 2019.

  • Colombia Alfonso 100% Castillo

    This is a micro-lot and 100% single varietal coffee from Colombia, produced by Ener Alfonso, a 4th generation family producer from the Cauca region in the municipality of La Vega. His small 4 hectare farm sits at a high altitude, which leads to slow maturation, a sweeter cherry and ultimately a sweeter coffee.

    Finca El Naranjo has been farmed since Ener’s grandparents began farming coffee. They passed down the farm to Ener’s father and now to Ener, who enjoys living and working on the farm with his mother and wife. Coffee is their sole income. This competition lot was fermented for 22 hours and was 100% sun dried on the farm.

    This coffee came in 4th place winner as part of the Colombia auction that was presented by the FNC. Expect notes of Hazelnut, Brown Sugar and Vanilla.

    • Weight: 226g
    • Farm: Finca El Naranjo
    • Producer: Ener Alfonso Jimenez Ruiz
    • Region: Cauca
    • Variety: Castillo
    • Altitude: 2062m and above
    • Process: Washed
  • Sidamo Gora Kone Natural (Ethiopia)

    Canada Brewers Cups 2019 Second Place Competition Coffee

    This beautiful coffee from the village of Werka in the Sidamo, Arsi region will capture your attention. A perfectly natural processed coffee with notes of Jasmine Honey and Muscat Grapes. You may even notice lime, rum and berries.

    • Weight: 226g
    • Washing Station: Gora Kone
    • Producer: 700-800 Smallholders
    • Region: Sidamo
    • Variety: Heirloom
    • Process: Natural