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Bellwether is the Easiest Way to Source and Roast Coffee for Your Cafe. Build your dream coffee program with the world’s most controllable commercial coffee roaster and a curated ethical green coffee marketplace. Contact Us to Learn More!

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  • The Bellwether commercial coffee roaster is the most consistent, controllable, and sustainable roaster in the world.

    Powered by electricity, producing zero emissions, and compactly designed, the Bellwether re-imagines commercial coffee roasting for a sustainable world. Forget installing vents, afterburners, and special permits. Getting started is as simple as plugging it in.

    The Bellwether is also the most thermally stable and precise commercial roaster in existence, thanks to its revolutionary air purifying system. Without the inconsistencies of traditional roasters, there’s nothing holding you back from launching a roasting program you’re proud of.

    The Bellwether Roaster is controlled by innovative software that hands you the power of decades of roasting experience and skill.

    Bellwether roasting experts create custom roast profiles for every green coffee sold in our marketplace. Put your beans in the hopper, select a roast profile, and watch as the Bellwether Roaster roasts coffee as if our industry veterans are on-site roasting with you.

    Tweak our profiles or create your own. Every roast variable—air temperature, airflow, even the temperature of the drum itself—is monitored and controlled to deliver a precise and consistent performance every time. Our display is so intuitive that you can just draw the roast curve you want to taste, and the machine will do the rest.


    Bellwether Coffee Roaster Specifications
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  • Bellwether Roaster is designed to be the most sustainable coffee roaster in the world, both in air quality and energy use, to enable businesses that roast coffee to minimize their environmental impact.

    Traditional gas-powered coffee roasters send smoke, particulates, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—similar to those found in aerosol sprays—into the air with every roast cycle. With the United States alone producing over 8 billion pounds of roasted coffee every year, the harmful impact of these emissions is not sustainable for our planet or healthy for the people who live on it.

    Bellwether’s first-of-its-kind recirculating roasting technology eliminates particulates and VOCs in real-time, during coffee roasting, without requiring additional ventilation systems or afterburners. The air that exits the Bellwether Roaster is cleaner than the air going in, reducing the carbon footprint of each roasting cycle by an average of 90%.

    Bellwether has also cracked the code for achieving unrivaled precision and consistency in a commercial roaster using electricity—not natural gas—as the power source. With a significantly lower carbon footprint across the globe, electricity minimizes the roaster’s energy requirements while leaving the roasting process and technique fundamentally unchanged and uncompromised.

    The world is turning towards renewable energy. Electric-powered coffee roasting is the future.

    In some regions, including California and Washington state, local power grids are already approaching 100% renewable energy at some points during the day. This makes the Bellwether Roaster the first commercial coffee roaster in the world capable of running completely on renewable energy.

    What does sustainability mean for coffee?

    Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world; yet, over 80% of the 12.5 million farming families who produce coffee live below the poverty line. Coffee farmers face a myriad of challenges including low prices, climate change, and crop disease and pests. These challenges have a direct impact on the well-being of farmers and their families and their access to education, housing, food, healthcare, and other basic necessities.

    Addressing the challenges that they face is vital to the sustainability of the coffee industry. Research indicates that the higher the income and quality of life for farmers, the better and more sustainable the final cup of coffee is. Sustainability for coffee starts at the very beginning of the supply chain—with the coffee farmers.

    Positive Impact at the Coffee Farm Level

    Bellwether’s green coffee buying principles ensure that we establish and maintain relationships with coffee growers and cooperatives who align with our values. Our sustainable coffee buying principles are focused on quality, traceability, and sustainability.

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  • Bellwether’s Green Coffee Marketplace

    While you can roast any green coffee you want to in your Bellwether, you can also purchase your green through the Green Coffee Marketplace built right into the Bellwether app. Bellwether makes it simple to source green coffee with a curated marketplace of beans that meet Bellwether’s quality, sustainability, and transparency standards. A Better Way to Source Green Coffee

    Years of Sourcing Expertise at Your Fingertips

    Traditionally speaking, sourcing green coffee can be complicated and expensive. With Bellwether, you have the industry’s most celebrated green coffee buyers infusing years of expertise into the Bellwether Marketplace. You don’t need to hire a whole sourcing team—our team of experts works for you.

    Bellwether carefully assess hundreds of coffees every year, identifying the most sustainable, transparency-minded, quality-focused producers to build relationships with. Then, Bellwether takes care of the contracts, shipping, taxes, quality assurance, and everything else that’s needed to source green coffee from farms around the world.

    When you browse the marketplace on the Bellwether App and find the beans you want, you can be confident knowing they’ve been pre-vetted by veterans you can trust. With Bellwether, anyone can purchase responsibly-sourced coffees to roast in minutes, not months.

    Find the Right Coffee for Your Business

    You have a vision for your coffee menu—we’re here to help you bring it to life. Bellwether makes it easy to identify the coffees that’ll serve your business needs and delight your customers.

    Every marketplace coffee is rich with background information, including:

    • Full traceability to the producer
    • Tasting notes and coffee plant variety
    • Farm awards and certifications
    • Marketing support, including farm stories and images
    • No-nonsense, competitive pricing

    Search through the curated green coffee menu using a variety of filters. When you find a winner, simply order from the Bellwether App and we’ll ship the beans directly to you in easy-to-store, easy-to-carry boxes. If you’re roasting at larger volumes, we offer the option to purchase green coffee by the bag as well.

    Start Selling Your Coffee Day One

    With conventional roasting methods, learning to roast coffee like the pros can take years. Experienced veterans still have to run test batches to find their perfect roast profile, and that takes both time and green coffee. With Bellwether’s Marketplace, you can skip the learning curve and launch your dream coffee roasting program faster than ever.

    Every coffee we sell in our marketplace comes with multiple roast profiles custom-made for those coffees by our roasting experts. Bellwether-created profiles span the spectrum from light roast to dark, offering something for everyone. As soon as your coffee arrives, you can roast it on your Bellwether Roaster. If you want to tweak the profile for taste, you can customize the profiles to meet your preferences, or create your own from scratch. Once you find the profile you love, you can repeat it again and again, getting the same tasty result every time.

    Now anyone can source and roast exceptional coffee, without compromise in quality, years of training, or wasting dozens of pounds of product trying to get the roast right.

    We’re Serious About Sustainability

    Sourcing coffee that positively impacts coffee farmers is one of the industry’s greatest challenges, so we put some of the industry’s brightest minds together to work on a solution. Bellwether’s Coffee Team builds relationships with coffee growers and cooperatives who align with our values—quality, traceability, and sustainability—and then we do everything we can to support those producers.

    We pay farmers fair prices for their coffee based on the real cost to produce it, not what the commodity market tells us we should pay. We sign long-term contracts that give farms financial security. And we support producers who are committed to gender equality, who invest in environmentally-sound farming practices, and take sustainability seriously.

    We don’t just talk-the-talk. We walk-the-walk and have the receipts to prove it. When you buy coffee from the Bellwether Marketplace, you’re contributing to a cause much larger than yourself or your business. This is how we build a more ethical, sustainable supply chain.

    We Demystify “Quality” and “Traceability”

    When it comes to quality, we do the heavy lifting by tasting hundreds of coffee samples throughout the year to make sure you—Bellwether customers—are presented with a diverse catalog of exceptional beans. Purchasing coffee from the Bellwether Marketplace makes it easy for you to satisfy a unique balance of cost and quality. You’re in complete control of which coffees you offer your customers—we just make it easy for you to make good choices.

    We also humanize the farmer behind every cup, and make sure every coffee is traceable to its place of origin. Our marketplace gives you full access to the people who grow the coffee and their stories—you’ll learn about their farm, family, and operation, as well as what they care about when it comes to their own businesses. When you purchase coffee from the Bellwether Marketplace, your dollars are traceable all the way to the farm level.

    When we close the gap between consumer and producer, our world becomes a more connected and equitable place. And we think that’s a good thing.

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