Baratza Metal Portaholder

by Baratza
SKU BRT-1050

So you have a great Baratza grinder (obviously purchased from your favourite online coffee stuff store, Eight Ounce Coffee) and you decide that you want to start making espresso at home. Whilst you may be able to aim the coffee from the grind chute into the portafilter, you're probably going to end up missing quite a lot, as you always have to hold it in the exact position. Worse than that, after the first few espressos kick in, you're going to be getting a bit jittery and may not have the steadiest of hands.

This is where this great little add-on comes in, designed specifically for Vario flat burr grinders (it comes standard with the Forte-AP and Vario 886 only) It slots nicely into the grinder in place of the grind container and provides you with a portafilter rest/holder that, even after you've consumed enough 'spro to take down a moose, will keep the portafilter in position.

On top of this, it'll make you feel a bit more like a pro, which feels good.

For a better fit for your Vario 885 we recommend the Baratza Upgrade Kit instead.

  • Solid-cast metal portaholder
  • Fits Forté and Vario 886 model grinders
  • Compatible with Vario 885 model grinders but fits better with the Baratza Upgrade Kit installed

baratza portafilter holder metal portafilter holder