Bonavita Wide Base Porcelain Immersion Dripper

Bonavita (BNV-IMMDRIP)

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What do you get when you cross a Hario V60 ceramic with a Clever dripper? Well...this. Ok, so it?s not the funny punchline that you were hoping for but, after all, this is a pretty serious brewer.

The ceramic upper, combined with a plastic lid, retains heat exceptionally well over the 3-4 minute immersion. At the end of the brew, a simple switch releases the sweet coffee nectar into your desired receptacle, via a #4 filter.

To clean, remove the filter with the coffee in it and file in the outbox. If a quick rinse doesn?t get it clean, you?ll be happy to know that the Bonavita dripper is on good terms with the dishwasher.