Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme (COF-SUPREME-ESB)

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For a very limited time only, we have coffee from our friends at Coffee Supreme!

Coffee Supreme began shaking things up in Wellington, New Zealand before growing to be an integral part of the early specialty coffee scenes in Wellington and Melbourne, Australia. Continuing to grow further afield, you can find Coffee Supreme throughout Australia, New Zealand, and now even in Tokyo, Japan.

The Coffee:

For Espresso:

Supreme Blend

Coffee Supreme's famed espresso blend enjoyed all across New Zealand. This coffee is medium-dark roasted with full-bodied richness, complexity and depth, with a lingering cocoa finish. Designed to mix elegantly with milk.

For Filter:

Kenya Thunguri

Located in Kirinyaga County, the Thunguri Coffee Factory has been processing coffee from the surrounding villages since 1962. Sitting on 8 acres of land the mill is well laid out with an extensive area of raised beds allowing all of the coffees passing through the factory to be carefully dried. This attention to detail shines through in this coffee which is bursting with fresh fruit flavours of currants and mango encouraged by a complex acidity and well-structured body.

A washed process blend of three classic variety selections (SL28, SL34, K7) from what is now the National Agricultural Laboratories at Kabete, Kenya. Grown at an altitude of 1600m at the very upper limits of where K7 is typically grown, this exceptional coffee is sure to surprise.

Guatemala La Soledad Centroamericano

Centroamericano is considered the new generation of coffee variety. These have been developed to help battle the threats that traditional varieties have been facing from climate change-related diseases. There are only a handful of F1 hybrid coffee varieties in the world, most developed in the last 10 years, and only recently commercially available to farmers.

This is the first time that Coffee Supreme has been able to source this exciting new variety and it just happens to come from Finca La Soledad, one of the pre-eminent coffee producers in Guatemala. This is a washed process Centroamericano H1 grown in Huehuetenango at an altitude of 1600m. Flavours of red apple and peach naturally join the crisp acidity of this full bodied coffee.

Guatemala La Esperanza

Finca La Esperanza is located in the San Pedro Necta Municipality of the northern Huehuetenango region in Guatemala. The area receives abundant rainfall and is protected from frost due to the hot winds that blow over from the Tehuantepec plain, across the border in Mexico. This coffee has crisp fruit and berry tones with a smooth body and a lingering butterscotch finish.

A washed process blend of Caturra and Bourbon grown between 1300m and 1600m above sea level.