Café Performance on your Countertop.

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  • Breaking News! The Fellow Ode has answered the prayers of the Cult of Coffee Believers. Rejoice and be glad! We've been longing for a brew grinder that will give us cafe grade performance and will look good on a countertop. What is the Ode in reference to? Itself? Fellow Believers? Let's take a closer look.

    With professional-grade, 64 mm flat burrs, the Ode will give you consistent, even grounds with minimal boulders and fines. No need to worry about waking your significant other while you're trying to surprise them with breakfast in bed - the Ode is whisper quiet. AND it will auto stop once it's finished grinding - so you can focus on flipping your pancakes or pre-wetting your filter. The magnetic grounds catch is smooth, satisfying, and secure. To top it all off, there's a grounds knocker! Hallelujah! All of us burnt out baristas who miss knocking out the last bits of coffee on a Mahlkonig EK43 get to relive that satisfying experience on the Ode - leaving you with minimal grind retention.

    The Ode is designed to be a single dose grinder - that means bye bye giant hopper and hello to your coffee staying fresher, longer. Fear not, the small hopper can accommodate 80g of coffee - plenty for your big batch brews. With its small footprint, thoughtful design, and premium finish, the Ode is the answer to your home grinding needs and then some. Stop doubting and start believing.

    • Professional-Grade 64mm Flat Burrs
    • Smart Speed PID Motor
    • Easy Grind Adjustment
    • Single Dose Loading
    • Reduced Grind Noise
    • Auto Stop
    • Accessible Home Maintenance
    • Magnetically Aligned Catch
    • Electrically Grounded Chute and Grinds Chamber
    • Grounds Knocker
    • Dimensions: 239 mm x 105 mm x 241.5 mm (9.4″x 4.2″x 9.5″)
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Grinds Capacity: 80g
    • Voltage U.S. and Canada: 120V
    • 1.3 A, 60 Hz, 140 W
    • Materials: Stainless Steel Burrs, Aluminum Body, Plastic Load Bin and Base
  • Start believing here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Worth the money

I was a bit hesitant to try this grinder due to 2 reasons: it was a new grinder coming into the market and the cost. I was previously using the Baratza Encore for the past few years and that grinder served me well for my purpose (using the Ratio Eight for brewing). Great grinder but was loud. After seeing the initial reviews of the Ode on Youtube, I decided to give it a shot. After using it for the past month, I am definitely not regretting my purchase. The Ode is well built and has a small footprint. It is a lot quieter and grinds faster than my Encore. Static is evident, however, James Hoffman's suggestion of adding a droplet of water to the beans before grinding helped mitigate this issue.


Meets expectations! (Which were high!)

Great French Press Grinder

Amazing little grinder for a very reasonable price. Looks and feels incredible to operate also. Would recommend this for anyone looking for non-espresso coffee.

It’s what we expected

We reviewed all previous comments by customers before we bought and got exactly what we expected. It is a beautiful machine, works great. Same issues as others with the grounds cup lid and some beans not sliding into grinder. Not everything in life is perfect.

High quality, worth the price

Solid materials with a beautiful design. Of course it also works perfectly. Grinds beans with consistency and with ease.