KeepCup Star Wars Chewbacca 16oz Original


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Right now, in this galaxy, consumption of single use items threatens to destroy our home planet.

Bring order and stability to the galaxy and rebel against the evils of the empire with our exclusive Chewbacca KeepCup. Standing tall like Chewie at 16oz, this KeepCup will be your Wookie crossbow in the battle between light and dark, convenience and care.

Let us hear you raarrwwrararrrrrrrrr!

- Chewbacca available in 16oz Original.
- Barista-standard reusable cup
- Assembled from four parts. Designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning.
- Non-toxic polypropylene. BPA and BPS free.
- Lid off can be heated to 110 degrees.
- #4 #5 #7 plastic – cup, lid and plug recyclable at end of life.
- Hand wash for best results.
- One year warranty on defects and faults.

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