Kruve Sifter with 6 Sieves and Bamboo Sieve Holder Black

by Kruve

The Kruve Sifter perfects the grind, bringing competition-level coffee quality to home brewers.
One quick shake is all it takes! The KRUVE Sifter removes both the Fines (small coffee particles) and Boulders (large coffee particles), leaving you with the perfect flavour profile every single time you brew.
Consistent Ingredients = Consistent Flavour Profile
The science is the same as a perfectly cooked meal; you must chop your ingredients into equal sizes. A mix of sizes means the larger pieces will be under-cooked and the smaller pieces will be over-cooked or burnt. Your coffee grind is no different.

This model comes with a bamboo sieves holder, and contains 12 sieves

  • 200μm
  • 300μm
  • 400μm
  • 600μm
  • 800μm
  • 1000μm