Silicone E61 and Synesso Group Gasket 8.5mm

SKU LF-E61-8.5-1486040

That leaky group head gasket in your espresso machine needs replacing, so upgrade to this neutral and aroma-free silicone gasket. The soft consistency makes installation easier and creates a better seal, without the need to tighten the portafilter as much. Yay for less effort!

This gasket is a bit thicker than the standard gasket to fit Synesso groups or worn groups and/or portafilters in well loved E61 group heads. If your portafilter locks into place too far to the right due to a worn group or portafilter, then this is the gasket to make your life easier. 

  • 8.5mm thicker design matches standard E61 group head gaskets but solves the problem of group/portafilter wear
  • Heat resistant silicone with Internal Grooves
  • Forms tight seal without tightening the portafilter as much as a standard gasket
  • Fits all espresso machines with E61 group heads that have wear in the group head and/or portafilter
  • Fits Synesso espresso machine group heads
  • Fits:
    • Brasilia
    • Bezzera
    • Expo Bar
    • Faema
    • Gaggia
    • Isomac
    • IZZO
    • Orchestrale
    • Profitec 
    • Rocket 
    • Quickmill 
    • Synesso
  • 73mm x 57mm x 8.5mm Yellow Silicone Gasket
  • Petroleum based grease can degrade silicone. Use a silicone lubricant instead, ideally a food safe white grease.
  • Use the portafilter with the basket removed to install the gasket to avoid breakage

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