When we see a tamper in a Barista’s hand we know the significance. It is the tool that a barista uses most often. The Tamp translates the Barista’s skill of craft into the resulting shot. Its is a tool of assumed simplicity with substantial purpose.

The Statesman's unique profile is ergonomically soothing. Its brass wear ring and stainless steel locking pin are subtle accents with origins tracing back to ancient tool construction. The Statesman is built by hand, making each a unique piece of work.

The Stainless steel base is precisely machined manually to accomplish some of the industries tightest tolerances + -.002 of inch. To help achieve a even and ideal extraction our stock actual tamper base diameter sizes are as follows: (custom bases sizes are available upon request)

  • 58.mm Tamp - Actual Diameter 58.30mm (2.295inches) - Designed for use with precision baskets
  • 53.mm Tamp - Actual Diameter 53.00mm (2.126inches)

Available in the finest woods - from lightest to darkest: Hard Maple, Ash, White Oak, Cherry, Walnut