Explore the world of coffee & tea in your home like never before with the beautiful and deceptively simple to use Varia Coffee Brewer, a multi-brewer with attachments to brew the way you like.

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  • Every day is different, so don't be stuck with a cupboard full of different coffee brewers just so you can change things up.The new Varía Coffee Brewer has attachments that easily swap out so you can brew your morning coffee (or tea!) in whatever way you feel today. With seamless transitions between attachments you can choose between seven functions, including the three most popular brew methods ever - moka pot, french press, and pour-over. You can also use it for cold brew, as a kettle, or even for steeping tea! And as a bonus, you can use it as a thermal insulated server.

    In Spanish, Varía means "it varies", the perfect name for the brewer that allows you to explore the world of coffee & tea in your home like never before. Perfect for anyone - literally, anyone! Make a delicious stove top espresso in the moka pot with less bitterness or easily swap out attachments to make a rich french press, a flavourful pour-over drip coffee, or a lovely cup of tea. So no matter who comes over for a visit, you'll be ready. Unless it's Gerard Depardieu.

    • Cool Touch Silicone Handle
    • Dual Wall Stainless Steel Server
    • Volumetric Dosing Base Cap
    • V60-02 Style Paper Filter Cone
    • Precision Photo Etched Filters for Moka Pot, French Press and Tea Press
    • Multi-functional Boiler for Moka Pot, Kettle and Tea Press
    • Jug Volume: 500ml (Capacity to Rim)
    • Kettle Volume: 850ml (Capacity to Rim)
    • Diameter: 9cm
    • Jug Height: 15cm
    • Boiler Height: 8.5cm

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