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ACAIA Lunar Digital Scale

by Acaia
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Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off

ACAIA Lunar Digital Scale

by Acaia
You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off
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You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method

    2021 MODEL

    Designed for brewing espresso with consistent precision, the reimagined Lunar2021 is fast, responsive, and accurate. This scale is built with water-resistant anodized aluminum and Acaia's own leading industrial weighing technology. It is an essential element for any commercial environment and fits perfectly onto an espresso machine's drip tray.

    Brew your own way with customizable parameters, a choice of automated brewing modes, and a new Tare Save feature to save the weight of your preferred dosing container. The visual feedback provided by the new Flow-Rate Indicator will also help you monitor your extraction in real time, achieving more consistent shots and allowing you to adjust more accurately for perfect espresso extractions.

    It's THE barista-proof scale. If you've ever had to discard a scale due to an errant stream of espresso or a cup that tipped over in your drip tray, this is your answer.

    To show how serious they are, each Lunar2021 comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty, which also covers water damage.

    The included heat resistant pad and a 100 g calibration weight will help keep your Lunar2021 in great shape, however, for commercial or heavy use situations, we recommend combining the Lunar with the Lunar Base Upgrade Kit.

    Fast, Sensitive, and Responsive
    Stabilizing faster during brewing, the Lunar's latest weighing technology saves time and helps create a smoother workflow.

    Real-Time Flow-Rate Indicator
    Monitor the flow rate of your shot in real time with the new Flow-Rate Indicator, allowing you to spot the subtle changes in the extraction, understand your shot better, and make adjustments for a perfect espresso.

    USB Type-C Recharging
    With a Li-ion battery that can last up to 40 hours and an upgraded USB Type-C charging port with PD Support, longer battery life and charging convenience are combined.

    Customizable Espresso Workflow Parameters
    Built-in espresso modes will automatically start and stop a timer or tare to speed up your preferred workflow. The new Tare Save function allows you to store the tare weight of your preferred dosing container or cup.

    Highest Readability Up To 0.01g
    The Lunar offers a high readability option of 0.01 g, which gives you an extra digit of reference for the most accurate espresso weight.

    The Acaia Lunar, Redesigned
    The scale still has all the familiar features you love, including several auto-start modes, 0.1 g accuracy, and a rechargeable battery with more than 30 hours of life. See the new Lunar2021 in action in this video.

    • Available in Black, White or Silver colourways
    • Product Weight: 265 g ± 5 g
    • Product Dimensions: W: 105 mm L: 105 mm H: 15 mm
    • Maximum Capacity: 2000 g / 70.55 oz
    • Minimum Weight: 0.1 g
    • Measuring Units: g / oz
    • Readability: 0.1 g / 0.01 g
    • Repeatability: 0.1 g
    • Linearity: 1 d
    • Indication Limit: 2060 g / 72.66 oz
    • Power Supply: 5 V / 500 mA
    • Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7 V 1100 mAh
    • Battery Life: Up to 30-40 hours
    • Display: 8-digit LED
    • Material: Aluminum, Acrylic
    • Surface: Anodized Aluminum Coating (Black / Silver)
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
    • Warranty: 2 Years
    • Inside the Package:
      • Acaia Lunar Coffee Scale x 1
      • Heat Resistant Pad x 1
      • Non-slip Protective Strip x 2
      • Friction-reduction Protective Strip x 2
      • USB Type-C Charger Cable x 1
      • Acaia Calibration Weight 100 g x 1
  • Acai - Lunar2021 - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews

Excellent scale, accurate, fast , and best of all great for pulling shots as it rates automatically , weighs , and gives you the flow rate which is super helpful to understanding your extraction.

Anthony Dubois (Québec, CA)
Game changer

Best uprade of my espresso set up.
Getting a lot of data from my espresso shot is so helpfull to understand whats going on.

Josh S. (Calgary, CA)
A scale

It’s a highly accurate, compact scale at a premium price. I love it. The flow meter is really useful and I love that it is small enough to fit into a modified drip tray. Recommend.

K.T. (Toronto, CA)
Pricy but so nice to use

I've only had the scale a few weeks now so I can't speak to longevity but so far the Lunar 2021 has been very nice to use daily. Making only espresso, I stick to the one mode (manual start/top timer and weighing) which works reasonably well though I don't always hit the touch screen's star/stop button when I think I do (thank goodness for the audible beep for both start and stop). Coming from a Brewista 1 for 3 years prior, I really appreciate how the Lunar's display never suddenly stalls for no good reason and the timer button doesn't randomly double-press by itself and clear the timer when attempting to stop it (this was the main reason I decided to upgrade). Its low profile makes it easy to fit a variety of cups under the grouphead.

The scale's menu navigation is a little quirky at first and the options aren't self-explanatory so you definitely need the manual beside you as the app doesn't have access to all of the scale's options of which there are many. By default the weighing precision is 0.1 which can be increased to 0.01. Also, the flow rate bar at the top of the display can be adjusted to enable brighter dots at larger intervals and dimmer dots in between which makes it easier to gauge at a glance. Beeping can be disabled (I don't suggest it), weight units grams or ounces, the end-of-extraction summary's self-clearing time can be disabled if you want more time to record your data before manually clearing the timer and weight independently: this summary also includes the average flow rate which is nice. You can also disable each of the 7 modes and only keep the most frequently used ones active so it's faster to cycle through, which are represented by a combination of square, triangle and droplet symbols that I don't find too intuitive. There's also a new/hidden 7th mode specifically for pourover with the latest firmware updates.

There's a 100g calibration weight included and 2 pair of adhesive strips for the base (1 grippy and 1 smooth), USB-C cable (the other end is still rectangular), instruction manual and heat pad which I find hard to keep clean of dust and grinds.

Connecting to the app on my iPhone was quick and easy as expected. The app also allows manual timer start/stop as well as taring. The response time for the timer had no noticable delay, but I mostly don't use it since it's just faster and easier to use the scale by itself.

For areas of improvement, waterproofing isn't as good as the Brewista as I can see the electronics from the gap between the weighing pan and base, definitely take care to wipe surfaces dry before placing the Lunar on them and be mindful of the drip tray splashing up from blasting the steam wand. The battery level indicator uses the dots at the top when powering down but when going through the menus it shows the numbers too, oddly inconsistent and I wish they'd show the digits all the time.

So far I'm very happy with the 2021 Lunar.

Anonymous (Scarborough, CA)
Great Scale

A very responsive scale! Makes espresso making easier to handle compared to using cheaper scales that break every couple of months!