Need a spare part for something you bought from us? We just might have it! Below is a list of brands we supply parts for. If you don't see what you need here, just reach out to us at and we'll see what we can do!
Photo of AeroPress Seal ( ) [ AeroPress ] [ Parts ]
Photo of AeroPress Seal ( Default Title ) [ AeroPress ] [ Parts ]

AeroPress Seal


Description Specs Method DON'T PLUNGE WITH A WORN OUT RUBBER ;-) Congratulations on being a total AeroPress ninja, and wearing out the rubber g...

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Photo of FLAIR 58 Funnel ( ) [ Flair Espresso ] [ Parts ]
Photo of FLAIR 58 Funnel ( Default Title ) [ Flair Espresso ] [ Parts ]

FLAIR 58 Funnel

Flair Espresso

Description Specs PRECISION-FILL YOUR PORTAFILTER The Flair 58 funnel is an aluminum funnel that magnetically attaches to your Flair 58 portafi...

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