If you're serving coffee for more than one, or are making enough coffee to last you a few hours - you need a decanter. Designed to look elegant, and pour beautifully, a decanter can take your coffee game to the next level.
Photo of Tresco Server ( ) [ Saint Anthony Industries ] [ Decanters ]
Photo of Tresco Server ( Default Title ) [ Saint Anthony Industries ] [ Decanters ]

Tresco Server

Saint Anthony Industries

Description Specs Method A hand blown, hand crafted coffee server that's as beautiful as it is functional. The Tresco Server is heat resistant ...

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Photo of AeroPress Carafe ( ) [ AeroPress ] [ Decanters ]
Photo of AeroPress Carafe ( Default Title ) [ AeroPress ] [ Decanters ]

AeroPress Carafe


Description Specs Method THE PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR AEROPRESS SET-UP The only carafe designed for your AeroPress coffee maker. Fits multip...

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