Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Brewer

If you are of similar maturity to us, you may have fond memories of the Aerobie flying disc that was vastly superior to Frisbees and would fly through the skies seemingly defying the laws of physics. If you don’t remember this, you really missed out.

Well, the lovely people at Aerobie are apparently not just one trick ponies as, who’d of thought it, they somehow went and created the AeroPress - a new way to brew coffee! And even more amazing is the fact that it a really great brew method - it has even given birth to the World AeroPress Championship and has been adopted by the specialty coffee community!

Photo of AeroPress Seal ( ) [ AeroPress ] [ Parts ]
Photo of AeroPress Seal ( Default Title ) [ AeroPress ] [ Parts ]

AeroPress Seal


Description Specs Method DON'T PLUNGE WITH A WORN OUT RUBBER ;-) Congratulations on being a total AeroPress ninja, and wearing out the rubber g...

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