About Eight Ounce

Eight Ounce Coffee KeepCup

Eight Ounce Coffee is a company of coffee people passionate about specialty coffee and all the fun gear and equipment that go with it.

We started in 2011, mostly selling AeroPress and KeepCups to an emerging crowd of specialty coffee baristas and home coffee enthusiasts. As the market grew, we expanded our line of products considerably.

We soon realised that it was difficult for Canadian cafes and roasters to bring in the high end specialty coffee brands that were so easy to get in larger countries. Buying smaller amounts and paying for freight and import made it not worthwhile for them. By bringing in large volume amounts of great quality coffee gear and taking care of the import and logistics, we made it possible to get the best coffee brands into Canadian hands.

We're very picky about the brands we sell. We only sell the best quality product in every category - never selling knock-offs or imitations. We support those who innovate, not those who copy. 

We're now the biggest specialty coffee equipment distributor in Canada, selling to almost four thousand cafes, roasters, restaurants, hotels, kitchen and lifestyle stores across the country and in America. We also distribute to some of the biggest and best names in specialty coffee around the world. We operate out of a twenty thousand square foot warehouse in Calgary, with team members in Calgary, Montréal and Toronto. 

We're a huge part of the growing specialty coffee scene in Canada - we help organise and sponsor barista competitions, AeroPress competitions, Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters, and are co-founders of the Prairie Coffee Collective. Nothing makes us more excited than the anticipation of a new cafe opening. We love the community of coffee in Canada - and wouldn't be where we are today without it.