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ACAIA Orion Mini Bean Doser (Space Grey)

by Acaia
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Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off

ACAIA Orion Mini Bean Doser (Space Grey)

by Acaia
You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off
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You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method

    The Acaia Orion Mini Bean Doser is a system that gives you precise control over your doses. Its intuitive dial interface allows you to save three different weights and operate in a fully automatic mode. With a weighing capacity of 3000g and a platform footprint of 4", the Orion Mini is precise and quick.

    While having a smaller footprint than the 8" Orion model, the Orion Mini Bean Doser loses no design or functionality in the transition. An ideal addition to any compact and busy bar setup, the Orion Mini will blend in seamlessly with your equipment and speed up any barflow. The patented technology auger was designed to smoothly control coffee beans without any damage.

    Features include:

    • Weight-based efficiency: The speed of the dose depends on the weight. It'll dose 225 g in 12 seconds or 20 g in 3 seconds with an error margin of 2-3 beans.
    • Automatic mode: Dose multiple containers with automatic taring and no required button pushing.
    • Dial interface: The controls and settings menu can all be accessed through the dial interface.
    • Intelligent dosing: Based on previous target weights and actual outputs, the Orion will automatically adjust and decrease the margin of error.
    • Manual control: For the times you want to do it yourself, the Orion allows you to quickly pause or dose those last few beans.
    • Firmware supported: Like all of our products, the Orion will receive periodic updates to its firmware, which you can execute through our firmware app.
    • Space Grey colourway
    • Dimensions: 33.3x20.2x35.2 cm
    • Weight: 2.85kg
    • Capacity 6.6 lbs/ 3 kg / 105.82 oz
    • Max: 3000g
    • Min: 0.1g
    • Hopper Capacity: 350-400 g of beans
    • Measuring Units: g, oz
    • Display: LED
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
    • Battery: Li-Ion 18650 7.4V 2600mAh
    • Input: 12Vdc, 1.5A
    • Warranty: 1 Year
  • ACAIA Orion Mini Bean Doser - User Manual

    ACAIA Orion Mini Bean Doser - Manuel D’Utilisation

bagging bagger dose dosing scale weigh weight coffee oron


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
R.C. (Vancouver, CA)
Better than expected

Very easy to operate, doesn't take much time to learn how to use. It also works as an extra Acaia Scale on the countertop. The design and build quality are superb. One thing to note is that the weight of this product is 2.85KG, it's not 28.5KG. I think the spec section on this website was a typo.

Michael (Petawawa, CA)
Game changer

Incredibly precise doser with multiple features that are simple to use and small enough to sit on your counter without taking up too much room. The ability to change between dispensing roasted and green coffee beans accurately (for those that roast their own coffee at home) is a great feature. The Orion Mini allows you to save three of your most used dosing weights, speeding up workflow regardless of your brewing experience. Is it overkill for the average home brewer or roaster? It depends on your needs in my opinion. How much coffee do you brew daily or routinely roast? Whether you are a professional or even a moderately experienced coffee enthusiast, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Davin Gegolick
Cool Gadget. Saves Time!

I was skeptical dropping $1000+ on a new coffee scale but the Acaia scales are premium products and fit well with my technology-savvy style so I had to have the Orion for my coffee roasting operation.

I'm not big into dosing individual coffees and, instead, measure loosely by volume which works fine for my home brewing purposes. I'm using the Orion for green bean dosing prior to roasting the coffee and dosing for my coffee pouches. The Orion paired with the Rattleware Bean Scale has really simplified my coffee roasting/dosing operation which is highly valuable for me. It would be nice if the stock hopper was larger for my 900g green bean doses but I understand there is a larger hopper available (still looking for a Canadian supplier). I would have given 5 stars if the price was a few hundreds dollars less and if the stock hopper was larger. But overall, I'm satisfied with this product for my home roasting coffee operation.

Thanks Davin! We're the exclusive Canadian distributors of Acaia, so if there is a larger hopper we should have it! There's no information about it anywhere that we've seen, so we've contacted Acaia to see if they have one we can bring in to Canada. Thanks for your review!