Urnex One-Pro

by Urnex
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  • The new All-In-One cold brew and dispensing equipment cleaner/sanitizer is here! With half as many steps as the 1-2-Coldbrew, you can save some of your precious mental energy for other important tasks.

    Regular cleaning with One-Pro ensures every batch of cold brewed coffee is delicious and safe. Formulated to thoroughly clean cold beverage equipment and dispensing systems to ensure safe beverage preparation, you can use One-Pro cold brew, iced tea, granita machines and bubblers. One-Pro rinses clean, leaving behind no residue or odour and it comes in a handy-dandy powder that's easy for shipping, storage, and handling

    • 566g (20oz) Jar of Powder
    • MSDS: Click here to download
    • One-Pro active ingredients:
      • Disodium Carbonate
      • Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate Dihydrate
      • Sodium Metasilicate
      • Alcohols, C9-11, Ethoxylated
    • Manufactured in USA
    1. Dispose of any filters and liquid from equipment
    2. Fill vessel with cold water and rinse
    3. Fill vessel with warm water and OnePro cleaner at a dilution ratio of 1 oz cleaning powder to 5 gallons of water
    4. Allow the cleaning solution to remain in vessel for 15 minutes
    5. Drain the cleaning solution from the vessel
    6. Fill the vessel with cold water; rinse and drain water from the equipment and dispensing spout, if applicable
    7. Rinse again with cold water and dispense remaining water

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