When you think cold brew coffee, the name that instantly pops into mind is Toddy. For over fifty years, Toddy Cold Brew systems have proven to be the best way to brew perfectly balanced coffee with low acidity and bitterness.

Brew large batches of delicious coffee concentrate overnight, then dilute with ice, water, milk, sparkling water, or just about anything you can think of. Perfect for summer, the Toddy allows you to create iced lattes and cappuccinos in seconds.

In winter, the mellow characteristics of slow brewed coffee make it perfect for pairing with seasonal syrups and flavours. You’ll also want to experiment with cold brew tea recipes. Non-electric, BPA-free, and available in both a commercial model (for you) and a home model (for your customers).

Eight Ounce Coffee is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Toddy products.