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Barista Magazine Volume 13/Issue 5 December 2017/January 2018

ON THE COVER, IT’S TRAN HAN OF VIETNAM. Vietnam has quickly become one of the largest producers of coffee in the world, but much of its production so far has focused on quantity over quality. Tran Han is looking to change that, at least on the retail end. She’s a champion barista (the first from Vietnam), and she’s also determined to serve the best specialty coffee her country has to offer to her fellow citizens in Saigon. You can find out more about Tran Han and the burgeoning Vietnamese café scene in this issue of Barista Magazine.

BEST BAR TOOLS. Each year we talk to dozens of coffee professionals around the globe and ask them what tools they recommend to make working the bar more efficient, comfortable, and fun. Flip through the pages to see which tools you should look to add to your café!

BOLSTER YOUR BRAND (WITHOUT BREAKING THE BANK). Your company’s brand is one of the most valuable assets it has. Brand expert Brian W. Jones gives cost-effective tips on how to build your company brand to make it better than ever.

SHARE + SHARE ALIKE PART 3. Our great contributor Meister finishes the three-part series “Share + Share Alike” by examining the benefits of sharing information among coffee farmers in different regions of the world.

PATHFINDER: COFFEE EQUIPMENT TECHNICIAN. In the December 2017 + January 2018 issue of Barista Magazine, we have another instalment of our popular series “Pathfinder,” which explores different career paths in specialty coffee. In this issue, our pathfinder, Tom Abraham, writes about his journey from barista to coffee equipment technician.

MASTER Q+A: Mokhtar Alkhanshali. Yemen is both one of the oldest producers of coffee on the planet and currently one of the world’s most dangerous countries as a vicious civil war takes a massive toll on the country and its coffee producers. In the midst of the chaos, Mokhtar Alkhanshali has worked tirelessly to support Yemeni coffee farmers. Ashley Rodriguez has a Q+A with Mokhtar about his story, his work, and his hope for the future of Yemen.