Even distribution of coffee grounds throughout the entire basket, gives way for competition level distribution and extraction in every espresso.

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  • Introducing the pinnacle in coffee distribution! DUOMO The Eight brings competition level extraction with every shot of espresso. Using DUOMO The Eight is a very pleasurable experience. The high-quality aluminum body feels great in the hand and looks even better on your countertop. The Eight is very ergonomic, and can excel in a busy cafe or compliment a meditative, morning espresso routine. The action of the press is very satisfying, the spin is effortless and effective, and the base has a built in brush to keep the eight needles nice and tidy.

    DUOMO designed The Eight around the technique of the Weiss Distribution Technique (WDT). The Eight perfects the WDT and produces a more even, efficient and clean distribution (good-bye funnel and paper clip!). The design and placement of the eight needles allow for optimal performance. The end result is fluffy espresso that is evenly distributed throughout the entire basket. Shots pull more consistently and showcase the espresso in its truest form.

    Clumpy, poorly distributed espresso, meet your maker!

    • Compatible with 58mm Portafilters
    • Aluminum Body
    • Eight 0.7mm Needles for Optimal Distribution
    • Needle Depth can be Adjusted Between 17-23mm to fit your Basket
    • Easy Spinning for Ultimate Distribution
    • Made in Korea
    • Be Gentle on the Needles. Needles and Body are One Piece. You Must Replace the Whole Body (Excluding Top and Base)
    1. Grind Your Favourite Espresso
    2. Manually Level Coffee in Basket
    3. Place DUOMO on Portafilter
    4. Press Needles into Basket. Ouch!
    5. Spin 3-5 Times for Ultimate Distribution!
    6. Remove DUOMO
    7. Tamp Like Your Life Depends on it
    8. Pull a Gnarly Shot into a Cool Shot Glass
    9. Enjoy the Best Espresso You've Had in a Long, Long Time

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
J.S. (Surrey, CA)
Consistency? Easy.

So, with practice and well made WDT tool, you will most likely get same result as Duomo. However, the fact that you will be able to replicate that perfect distribution every time you pull a shot, I think it is worth the price. I have yet experience problem with screw loosening like some people on this page, but I do recommend using a coin instead of screw driver to prevent screw head damage.

Lambert O. (Chang-hua, TW)
Functionality meets beauty

Saw the Duomo in a mister Hoffmann video and found it a beautiful tool.
A bit expensive for sure, but up close and in the hand this is a very well made piece of equipment.
It works well, and feels fantastic to use which makes the whole coffee puck preparation workflow so much nicer.
Get it and do not look back, just enjoy it!

Derek B. (Merion, US)
Amazing WDT

I first came across this tool in a 3rd wave shop near Ft Lauderdale. As soon as I asked the barista “Is that a WDT tool?”, the owner popped up from his table and started chatting with me. Because I know a thing or two about coffee. My home setup is a LaMarzocco GS/3 (Strada mod by me) and Niche Zero. I thought, “I probably don’t need WDT”. But this tool is so beautifully made and thought out I had to get one.
My espressos are already pretty good. With the Duomo they are sweeter, juicier, and just more fun to prepare. I WDT with the Duomo, then use a SAI distribution wedge, then SAI tamper.
Yes get one. Don’t buy the knockoffs.

EliP (Palo Alto, US)
Simply improves my espresso making

This tool is a big deal because getting consistent shots is not easy. The Duomo is fun to use as the positioning and the magent lifting after the turning are probably the easiest way possible for making sure my grind is not clumpy. I have read complaints about the price. Yes, this is a luxury item and you can get almost the same results with cheaper alternatives however if you can afford the price you get the value of your money because it is well made for the workflow of espresso making. Every motion - turning or lifting the knob after use, just feels good. You pay extra for the function, the experience and the great looks.

Anshuman Saksena (Vancouver, CA)
Great device actual taste a difference in my espresso

Great device actual taste a difference in my espresso