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KAFFELOGIC Nano 7 Coffee Roaster (120V)

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This item is already at its lowest price and does not qualify for any volume discounts

KAFFELOGIC Nano 7 Coffee Roaster (120V)

You must be logged in with an approved wholesale account to view pricing.
This item is already at its lowest price and does not qualify for any volume discounts
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  • Description
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  • Method
  • Documentation

    Kaffelogic created the Nano 7 so you can roast your own coffee - your place, your way.

    Please Note: The Kaffelogic Nano 7e now comes with a borosilicate glass chaff collector. Some images displayed may show the mesh chaff collector.

    Just add a scoop of green beans, press start, and 12 minutes later enjoy the experience of freshly roasted coffee. Designed to suit your kitchen and your busy life, the Nano 7 is the only roaster in its class with one-touch operation and designed to fit on your kitchen counter. There's no longer need to keep a supply of roasted coffee in the house for those unexpected visitors. With Kaffelogic Ready to Drink roast profiles you can go from green bean to brew in just 12 minutes. Roast on demand is now a reality.

    The Nano 7 is easy for the home consumer to use and has the build quality and all the great features needed for professional, commercial sample roasting. With Kaffelogic you don’t sacrifice quality when you roast at home. Plus get full access to their professional profile development software Kaffelogic Studio, so you can dig deep into profile design, if that's your thing.

    In fact, the Nano 7 is used and trusted by professional roasters and handles the industry standard 100g batch size, perfect for sample roasting. Capable of continuous back-to-back sample roasting with each sample running unattended, the Nano7 lets the pros maintain their demanding workflow with confidence.

    With no specialist installation required and utilising a robust, modular construction, Kaffelogic has ensured that costs are predictable and maintenance and upgrades are straightforward.

    With Kaffelogic Studio, the world-leading profile editing software, you can experiment and discover the best way to roast a particular coffee. And when you have hit the sweet spot, you can save the profile at home or use customisable transformations and exports to professional roasting software, including Artisan, Cropster, and Sonofresco™. Helping the professionals get those fantastic profiles into production.

    • Roasting System: Variable Airspeed Fluidised Air
    • Automation System: Dual profiles, temperature and airspeed
    • Temperature Control: PID control with the unique Kaffelogic look-ahead and gain scheduling system, fully user programmable
    • Heater: 1400 W
    • Motor: Brushless DC 60W
    • Recommended Batch Size: 80-100g roasted (100-120g green)
    • Roast Time (typical): 10 mins
    • Cool Down Time (typical): 4 mins
    • Weight: 3.6 kg
    • Dimensions: W125mm x D125mm x H280mm (430mm w/ chaff collector)
    • Materials:
      • Case - Powder coated steel
      • Plastic fittings - Nylon PA66
      • Roast chamber - Aluminium
    • Safety: Continuous monitoring with full shutdown on fault detection - roaster is safe to operate unattended
  • KAFFELOGIC Nano 7 Coffee Roaster - Instruction Sheet

    2021 Instruction booklet - instructions on how to operate the original Kaffelogic Nano 7 (with Type-A USB port)

    2022 Instruction booklet supplement for the Connect system - instructions on using the Connect system for connecting your Kaffelogic Nano 7 (with Type-C USB port)

  • Roasting Software

    KAFFELOGIC Core Profiles (ZIP)

    EIGHT OUNCE Roast Profiles (ZIP)

    Core Profile Guide and Map

    The Kaffelogic Roaster's Companion - read this if you want to develop your own roasting profiles - updated for Studio ver 4.2.4 with a section on power profiling

    Roast record sheet - record your tasting notes 'offline'

    Roast labels - label each batch and keep track of what you roasted when - revised edition to fit Avery 5136 labels

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anonymous (Parksville, CA)
Great sample roaster

This is a great little roaster with awsome control and repatability. The 100g batch size is perfect for sample roasting and working with higher end boutique beans. Just starting to play with the studio but looks good ad easy to play with and design roast curves.

William Hamilton (Saskatoon, CA)
Amazing unit!

I’ve only had the Kaffelogic roaster for a couple of weeks, but it works perfectly, and I absolutely love it! The roasting is consistent! I can’t wait to get my Boost which will allow me to roast 200 g at a time!

B.M. (Toronto, CA)
Money well spent

Not withstanding the ease of use of the roaster. Being able to experience the world of coffee on my own terms.

S.R. (Waterloo, CA)
Great roaster for those seeking reproducibility

A big lesson I've learned in my coffee adventures is the importance of reproducibility. In deciding to try roasting my own coffee, I wanted a roaster that would deliver this - and the KL Nano does so extremely well. I can still explore the art of roasting by designing my own (good and bad) profiles, but this roaster does the hard work of keeping the roast on track.