Kalita Lotto Ceramic Dripper 102 White

by Kalita
SKU KLT-502043

To Kill a Mocking Bird, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, 50 shades of Grey: some people just love the classics.  And, if you are that person, we have the perfect dripper for you.

The Lotto ceramic dripper from Kalita is a classic, straight sided v-style dripper with Kalita's legendary 3 hole extraction system. This provides a balanced and evenly extracted cup of coffee - whether on a cafe bar or the kitchen counter at home.

And, as you're so disposed to the classic things in life, it's available in both black and white, keeping it simple and stylish.


  • 4 inch diameter
  • Suitable for brewing up to 12oz (350ml) of coffee
  • Made from ceramic
  • Uses 102 filters