Leverpresso Non-Pressurized Manual Espresso Maker

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  • We've tried a lot of different manual espresso makers and often find that they either don't make very good espresso, or for the price you could buy an electric espresso machine that does just as good of a job with less hassle. Leverpresso is the perfect in between, making a true espresso without breaking the bank, and it's lightweight so you'll definitely want to take it with you when you're travelling.

    Leverpresso is so easy to use thanks to an intuitive design with a portafilter basket that screws on and off just like inserting a portafilter into an espresso machine group head. The dual levers make it easier to maintain a consitent 9 bars of pressure, without as much effort as a single lever.

    You can easily preheat Leverpresso while it's all together just by pouring in hot water and then pushing down the dual levers to empty it, so you won't burn yourself trying to insert hot metal pieces into place.

    Leverpresso - a true portable lever espresso maker.

    • BPA Free
    • 50mm Basket Filter (Internal Diameter) with 17g Capacity
    • 7.0cm x 8.5cm x 17.5cm
    • Double Shot Volume
    • 120ml Water Capacity
    • Weight: 440g
    • Made of Tritan, Polypropylene, Stainless Steel and Aluminum
    • Made in Korea
    • Stand Sold Separately
    • Replacement Parts Available upon Request
  • Caution:

    1. Lightly turn and strongly lock the cylinder and portafilter in place so that no hot water will leak during extraction.
    2. Leverpresso is fragile so please use it carefully.
    3. Keep out of reach of children.
    4. Be careful to not grind too finely as extraction will require more pressure than Leverpresso can handle.
    5. Do not force the levers if they do not go down because it might break them or cause the water to come back up.

Customer Reviews

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Great portable espresso maker

I like it a lot

Great little espresso maker; wish there were more resources/recipes out there for getting the best results out of it. Can be a little bit of a hassle to clean in between shots if you're making more than one.