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by nucleus
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Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off


by nucleus
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Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off
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  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method

    The nucleus Paragon was created in collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Science (ZHAW) after researching the effect of temperature on volatile aroma compound preservation and the resulting sensory flavour outcomes in coffee. Through extensive research and development, nucleus and ZHAW have designed a new brewing device that retains up to 40% more volatile aroma compounds.

    Paragon's three tiered design, in conjunction with nucleus's unique Paragon Chilling Rocks, maximizes the capture of volatile aroma compounds in your brew. For example, what we may think of as jasmine is, in fact, a combination of different aroma volatile compounds coming together and reminding us of jasmine. This innovative brewing device retains up to 40% more volatile aroma compounds maximizing your beverage's flavour potential.

    The design of the Paragon ensures that brewed coffee cascades over a Chilling Rock in a thin layer, allowing for desirable volatile aroma compounds to be retained while maintaining the temperature of your coffee. Paragon's top tier has been designed to accommodate your favourite pourover dripper, while the middle tier holds a Paragon Chilling Rock. The bottom tier holds a drip tray, which may be rotated into place to reduce mess, once brewing has completed. The stable base securely holds your decanter and fits atop your scale, for precise measurement, during brewing. All three tiers are height adjustable to ensure different drippers and decanters may be used.

    Each Paragon comes with two Paragon Chilling Rocks and is ready to bring excellence to your brewing.

    • Includes 2 x Paragon Chilling Rocks
    • Dimensions: W165 x L120 x H260mm (W6.5 x L4.7 x H10.2in)
    • Material: Lightweight Aluminum Alloy
    • Waterproof

brewer distrubution tool ONA BT wedge espresso motta


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
NATALIE H. (Port Coquitlam, CA)
Interesting Experiment

Gives an interesting twist on some roasts

nat a. (Sherbrooke, CA)
form & function ... and fun!

very happy with this beautiful piece! ... it looks great, and when you think of the comparable price of other brand stands, the add-ons of the frozen ball tray and drip tray (which is REALLY nice-to have) make it that much better value for money (worst case, if you eventually don't care for the flash brew thing, you just slide them off and use the rest as an (adjustable height which is rare!) pour over stand!)

i use it on a Timemore Black Mirror scale, and actually align it in the same direction as the scale (i'm left-handed but didn't want to flip it 180 and see the white writing on the back of the pole). so it fits perfectly on top when not in use, and i just slide it back on the scale when in use (it hangs off the back, but with no problem).

as others have said, not all brewers will fit based on their stands (classic plastic V60 and Origami resin base, for example, are a little rounded underneath which doesn't sit flush on the flat paragon stand so they slip off) the best is to have your brewer sit right inside the opening, but then you need to watch that you're level as your brewer can easily be at an angle even while stable.

to be honest i haven't done side-by-side testing to see the difference the frozen balls make, but the coffee's good, and there's all the other aspects that still make it worth it to me!

all in all, even if it's a considerable price, very happy with it!

Stephen (Montreal, CA)
Great addition for pour over

This opens up so much more room for playing around with pour over. It does make quite a significant difference in how the coffee comes out in terms of flavor and body. The build quality is also top notch.

However, it is not fully compatible with quite a few drippers. Less than most pour over stands. Some drippers will either bean leaning heavily or will slip off. But otherwise, no complaints!

Tony C. (Oakland, US)
Aesthetic but Pricey and a Tad Awkward.

Well, you could always use a whiskey ball and a mesh screen for a fraction of the price, but the build quality is quite nice. I can't say I'm consistently able to get better coffee with it yet, but I did notice that cups come out differently and some seem more fragrant. I find it fun to experiment with.

That said, it's a bit awkward to move the ball out of the way once the brew hits the suggested 20-30% of total water because it's actively dripping at that point. I've adjusted my recipe to do a 30s bloom and then a "second bloom" that hits the target and drains out most of the way before pouring the rest of the water in pulses to avoid this, though I'm not sure how this affects temps and overall extraction.

Remi M. (Vancouver, CA)
Bad product design - V60 lovers be aware!

The paragon and unboxing experience themselves feel somewhat premium.
Unfortunately when you are paying 200 CAD for what is effectively a fancier pour over stand you do expect it to be able to be compatible with ALL brewers.

The paragon will not work with any brewer that has a lip at its base as the ring that holds the brewer has a little handle to move it (which is fine) however this means that any brewers that isn't an Orea, Kalita, Metal V60 (specifically the stainless silver or black as shown in the product page) etc will NOT BE LEVEL.

I simply can't understand how the Nucleus team didn't test what is probably one of the most common home brewers (plastic V60).

As stated in this product page and the Nucleus one this stand is advertised as "Paragon's top tier has been designed to accommodate your favourite pourover dripper" but that simply isn't true and I wish that both teams would amend the description to avoid hassle for both potential customers and themselves.

Too bad, the idea of the product is enticing but the execution is lacking - for the price, do better Nucleus.

P.S: This isn't intended as a slight against the Eight Ounce team as my return was processed incredibly quickly and all my interactions with their CS team have been good. This is purely a reflection on the poor product design from Nucleus.