Better Water Makes Better Coffee.

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  • Peak Water is a world-first adjustable home water filter jug. It was designed to bring the industry technology behind all the great coffee in cafes and restaurants, to everyone.

    Great water is an essential part of a great cup of coffee — it makes up over 90% of every cup. Peak Water utilises high-quality resins together with a unique, adjustable filtration system to bring cafe quality brewing water into homes all over the world.

    With the Starter Pack, you can test your tap water using our simple Test Strip, compare your results against the recommended settings and start brewing barista-quality coffee. You can even push Peak beyond the recommended settings and build your own, bespoke water to taste.

    Peak Water can also improve your tea and drinking water and is most effective in medium to hard water areas.

    This starter pack contains everything you need to get amazing water: the Peak Water jug, 1 filter, 2 test strips, and a manual.

    • Adjustable filter settings
    • Premium dual-ion resin
    • Carbon matt filtration (to remove unwanted organic compounds and chlorine)
    • Recyclable and regenerable filters
    • Dishwasher safe
    • BPA Free
    • Fridge friendly design
    • Made in the UK
    • Starter Pack includes:
      • 1 x Peak Water jug
      • 1 x Peak Water filter
      • 2 x Test strips
      • 1 x Manual
  • Peak Water Method


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Shi C. (Kingston, CA)
An interesting water jug

I ordered this jug alongside with ThirdWave Water, hoping to have both options on water available at home. In short, once you dial-ed in the right bypass setting, the water jug works almost as well as the ThirdWave water. The dial-in process could take a few litres of water (or a few weeks if you don't drink much coffee), as the filter itself needs some flush and your palate needs to adjust to the new water as well. So be patient when you get started using it. As the reference, my tap water is: Total Alkalinity=90ppm, Total Hardness=140ppm, pH is around upper 7 and lower 8, Peak Water Test Stripe darker than 120. My current setting is between 4-4.1 for lightly-roasted Ethiopian/Colombian coffees. For green tea, use bypass setting 5 for softest possible water.

Al (Cannington, CA)
Unique Water Filter Jug

I really like the jug , water seams to taste better . Hopefully it stops scaling as well as my BWT water jug does.
It’s fit and finish aren’t the greatest , but I must say I actually do like the look and adjustability of the jug .

Leif (Baden, CA)
What do you expect from the Water for Coffee guys?

This. This is what you expect. NAILED IT. Best investment in coffee to make...

Brennan Salte (Edmonton, CA)
Amazing filter; Average jug

I have known for a long time that I needed to start paying attention to my water if I wanted my coffee to improve but the option of using water bottles wasn't appealing because of the waste and built-in filtering options were prohibitively expensive. When I first heard about the Peak Water filter I knew that it would strike the balance of simplicity, cost, and effectiveness that I was looking for and it certainly has. Full marks for the filter - filters very quickly and gives excellent tasting water regardless of where you live. The jug has a nice design but feels flimsy, I also wish that there was a clear section to know how full it is so I can stop overfilling. I imagine that the quality of the manufacturing will continue to improve as I have a first run of the device.

nathieu c. (Chambly, CA)

Bel appareil pour filtrer l'eau, contient suffisamment d'eau pour faire plus de 1l de pourover

La poignée n'est pas optimale, jaurais aime plus longue pour une meilleure tenue du peak puisqu'il devient lourd lorsque bien plein!

Facile à tester son eau a la maison, facile à régler et le filtre dure jusqu'à 2 mois! J'ai acheté depuis 3 semaines et j'adore je conseille...