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PIETRO Replacement Burr Set

by Pietro
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This item is already at its lowest price and does not qualify for any volume discounts

PIETRO Replacement Burr Set

by Pietro
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This item is already at its lowest price and does not qualify for any volume discounts
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  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method

    Pietro is the one and only hand grinder with vertical flat burrs, zero retention, and an innovative ergonomic design. Its 58mm flat burrs are designed and made in Italy by Fiorenzato, using M340 steel and are available in two different configurations; versatile MultiPurpose, for espresso to filter, or ProBrew, designed to obtain the best result in filter extractions.

    Featuring Fiorenzato's Dark-T® coating, to further enhance grinding performance. The black coating in titanium, aluminum, carbon and nitrogen guarantees a durability 5 times longer than standard burrs (laboratory test compared to standard burrs).

    With the Pietro MultiPurpose Replacement Burr Set, you get two of Fiorenzato's B-Modal burrs. The B-Modal burr is designed with two precise rings of teeth to create a bimodal grind particle distribution curve, typical of the best espresso grinders and perfect for a balanced and delicious espresso extraction. On top of all of that, the B-Modal burrs create an ideal grind profile for delicious, balanced pourover and filter brews.

    With the Pietro ProBrew Replacement Burr Set, you get two of Fiorenzato's M-Modal burrs. These burrs create a unimodal grind particle distribution curve, reducing fines as much as possible for exceptional clarity and maximum aromatics.

    • Replacement Burr Set comes with 2 MultiPurpose (Fiorenzato B-Modal) or 2 ProBrew (Fiorenzato M-Modal) burrs
    • 58mm flat burrs with Dark-T® coating (B-Modal or M-Modal) (Made in Italy by Fiorenzato)
    • Burrs: M340 Bohler steel (Food Certified)
  • PIETRO Manual Coffee Grinder - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
nat a. (Sherbrooke, CA)
of course, they're amazing! but a few things to note ...

i have both the MP pietro burrs and these, and one thing these burrs do, on top of clarity, is just suuuuch a silky velvety mouthfeel!!

to be noted however, that in my personal experience, both burr sets, out of the box produced a disturbing amount of fines (i was very confused, especially comparing myself with what everyone was saying online) ....this resolved gradually after maybe 1-2kg of grinding (seasoning, I guess) ... Lance Hedrick himself also told me that their particle distribution tests were done after 2.5kg which maybe gives you an idea.

if you're like me and had the MP and are switching to the Pro Brews, you'll notice that the grinding is a bit harder and longer due to less pre-breakers (4 instead of 8)

they can indeed do espresso at the finest setting (1 and below depending on your basket size and machine type ⎯ for Flair Pro 2 can grind coarser because of deeper basket) ...when i first started using them, i used to be able to grind coarser (around 2) and still hit espresso range on my breville dual boiler, but this has shifted as the burrs were seasoned, because obviously all the fines i was getting at the beggining were favoring espresso resistance, which i now have less of.

all in all, i think these burrs are not only worth it, but in my opinion the main reason you should go for this grinder, because other than its slick looks, there are maybe other better options out there. but this is a burr review, not grinder review ;)