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Porlex (PRLX-TEA)

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We went crazy when Porlex first sent us a sample of these matcha tea grinders! Nothing compares to premium quality authentic matcha powder from Japan (ground from tencha leaves on huge stone grinders).... but if you want to make matcha powder out of other teas, incorporate tea into your cooking and baking, or want to save money by making your own green matcha powder for smoothies or lattes - then you will love this portable grinder. With the same hard-wearing quality as the Porlex coffee grinders, the tea mill also uses ceramic burrs to grind any type of tea leaf down to a fine powder.

Experiment with different types of tea - so far we've made a Ceylon salad dressing, English Breakfast truffles, and Darjeeling scones. You could try creating flavoured salts, stirring into yogurt and ice cream, or adding to tempura batter - the possibilities are endless! We've also made countless bowls of matcha using different kinds of tea. By drinking or cooking with matcha powder, you are ingesting the entire tea leaf, along with all its health benefits!