PUCKPUCK is the awesome new way to create great tasting cold brew coffee just like you would get from a large and expensive cold brew drip tower. Without compromising on the amazing taste of slow dripped cold brew coffee, the PUCKPUCK is designed to be used with an AeroPress® Coffee Maker at home or on the go.

The PUCKPUCK's innovative use of a standard mineral water screw thread allows you to use leading brand mineral water as part of your setup - perfect for traveling. The same screw thread accommodates the PUCKPUCK vessel (Sold Separately as part of the PUCKPUCK with Water Vessel set), which is designed to work beautifully with both the AeroPress® coffee maker and the PUCKPUCK, creating an all-in-one system that not only works well but is also designed to look good in your home.

Twist the PUCKPUCK's patent-pending quick adjust drip valve to set the drip rate and use the free drip counter app to get it just right.

  • BPA Free
  • Requires an AeroPress® Coffee Maker (Sold Separately) and a water bottle with appropriate screw top

To use PUCKPUCK, you can use our guide below or you can click here to check out the official PUCKPUCK brew guide.

  1. Place an AeroPress® paper filter into the AeroPress® Cap and attach to the AeroPress® just like you would when brewing with the standard AeroPress® method, placing the AeroPress® on a server, glass, or cup (optional: wet the filter to reduce any potential paper flavour)
  2. Grind coffee, place that ground coffee in the AeroPress® just like normal and make sure it's nice and level
  3. Place the PUCKPUCK Splash Filter in the AeroPress® so it sits on top of the bed of coffee
  4. Attach the PUCKPUCK to the AeroPress®, make sure it fits snugly into place
  5. Screw the water bottle (or Water Vessel) onto the PUCKPUCK and add water
  6. Hold the lower half of the PUCKPUCK and twist the upper half to adjust the drip valve (optional: use the free drip counter app to set the drip rate perfectly available for iOS or Android)
  7. Go enjoy a good book or get outside for a bike ride while your cold brew coffee makes itself
  8. Enjoy!

AeroPress is a registered trademark of AeroPress, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, USA

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