PUSH Tamper Original

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  • PUSH is a multi-award winning adjustable coffee tamper which guarantees a perfectly level and repeatable tamp for every user. It is the only coffee tamper developed with and tested by independent ergonomics experts and has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of injury to baristas.

    Available in a variety of colours!

    • 58.50mm Hardened stainless steel base, coated with unique ultra non-stick hard coating
    • Anodised aerospace-grade aluminium handle
    • Stepless adjustment, accurate to 0.05mm
    • Made entirely in Great Britain
  • To setup your new PUSH tamper:

    1. Unwind handle to max setting (15mm)
    2. Weigh and tamp your dose of coffee
    3. Check tamper is level, then wind handle until it stops on the portafilter basket.
    4. Lock handle with set screw
    5. Pull a delicious shot

    Cleaning Instructions:

    • Wipe clean with a soft non-abrasive cloth.
    • Do not use aggressive cleaning products.
    • Do not put in dishwasher.
    • Do not use abrasive sponges scourers etc.

    To clean more thoroughly:

    1. Make a note of the setting, then carefully remove the locking screw, and store it safely during cleaning.
    2. Turn the handle counter-clockwise to separate it from base.
    3. Wash the handle and base in warm soapy water with a soft non-abrasive cloth.
    4. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry thoroughly before re-assembly.

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