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    Elevate your daily routine with Ratio. Engineered with the brewing precision of the Ratio Eight, the Six offers the one-button convenience of its bigger sibling with a leaner form and lighter price.

    The Ratio Six is a beautifully designed coffee maker that delivers world-class filter coffee at the push of a button. With its' precision water flow system, and a forgiving flat bottom basket, the Ratio Six gives you a personal barista that will make you delicious coffee every time. The thoughtfully designed heat shield traps in heat during the pour over process, ensuring that your coffee is brewed at the correct temperature, and that your coffee comes out of the carafe nice and hot! Made with high-quality stainless steel and glass with looks to match, and backed by a 5-year warranty, the Ratio Six is the perfect functional accent piece to your kitchen counter, coffee nook, or office staff room.

    • The Ratio Six coffee maker is built with thick, precision stamped stainless steel with a satin stainless or matte black finish
    • Laboratory grade handblown borosilicate glass water lines
    • BPA-free copolymer water tank with water markings from 2 to 8 cups, with accuracy to within 1 ounce. The tank holds 44 ounces / 1.3 litres of water at the full mark, with roughly 10% of that volume absorbed into the coffee grounds. 44 ounces poured into the water tank should yield about 40 ounces of brewed coffee
    • The optional heat shield completely surrounds the shower head during brewing, increasing the extraction of your coffee and producing a very hot cup of coffee, all while keeping within the industry-accepted standards for coffee brewing. The coffee is typically just shy of 200 degrees F at the end of the brew cycle. For those that prefer their coffee really hot, or add lots of milk or cream, the heat shield is a great brewing accessory
    • Carafe holds flat bottom basket paper filters such as Melitta
    • Brews up to 1200ml (40 oz or eight, 5oz cups)
    • 5-year warranty
    • Designed in Portland, Oregon
    Height: 36.2 cm (14.3 in)
    Width: 17.1 cm (6.8 in)
    Depth: 34.3 cm (13.5 in)
    Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lbs)
    Material: Stainless steel
    Capacity: Brews up to 1200ml (40 oz or eight 5oz cups)
    Maintenance: Urnex Cafiza
    Manufacturer Warranty: 5 year
    Origin: Designed in Portland, Oregon
    Recommended Application: Home or office
    Commercial Certifications: N/A
    Max Wattage: 1400
    Plug Type: Standard 15 amp
  • RATIO Six Coffee Maker - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Mark E. (Toronto, CA)
Beauty and simplicity!

The Ratio Six has not let me down. Day after day, the simplicity of use and the quality of the brew extracted never fails to please myself and my partner, who is less of a coffee snob. Looks great on your counter as well.

Idrinkcoffeetillmyeyelidstwitch (Nelson, CA)

This thing makes the best coffee. I can't drink any other home brew now. Tip the carafe fully before pouring is my only advice. Easy to clean. Quiet. Sleek. Fast efficient shipping. Everyone should have one.

Ryan M. (Toronto, CA)
Great Brewer

Excellent brewer. Very happy with the purchase and experience with eight ounce coffee.

Z.A. (Calgary, CA)
Form and Function

I love this coffee machine. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is a joy to use. Makes a great cup!

John R. (Parksville, CA)
One more voice singing the praises of the Ratio Six

I researched all the reviews by reviewers who compared the pros and cons of various hi end machines. But then I would read what actual customers experienced over time. It was eye opening to find out how many expensive coffee makers highly rated in reviews,were cheaply made and/or quickly failed. What persuaded me was the 100% rating on the Ratio Six by customers who lived with the machine. Yes, I was prepared for the pouring annoyance for the metal carafe.[Just ordered the Ratio Eight glass carafe to overcome the challenges.]
I do know the glass carafe will not hold the coffee hot but then, in our household, the coffee disappears as soon as it finishes brewing so not a big deal.