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Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off


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Spend over $1000 on your order and get this item for 10% off
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  • Description
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    While aerolatte-style electric whisks are great for mixing liquids, it would be difficult to say that they can, in any way, produce smooth luscious microfoam - perfect for pouring latte art. Subminimal, however, has taken the handheld whisk design, re-engineered it, and has created a stunning, little tool that allows you to create actual, high-quality microfoam in seconds. We were skeptical too, but it actually does an amazing job. So what does this mean..? Whether the steam pressure on your espresso machine is not up to the job, you use mocha pots, you're a fan of pod coffee, or you are out camping, you can create delicious textured milk that you'd expect to get from your favourite coffee shop.

    The NanoFoamer (V2) has the following improvements on the V1

    • Click-On NanoScreens: The new NanoScreens ditch the pressure fit system for a satisfying snap-fit, ensuring a far stronger hold on the impeller while simultaneously preventing buckling over time.
    • Replaceable Impeller: Replace the all-important impeller as anytime in the event your NanoFoamer takes an unfortunate tumble.
    • Upgraded Impeller Material: The impeller material is upgraded to Polycarbonate (still BPA free & FDA certified), making it more resistant to the stresses of the fast rotations in hot liquids.
    • Improved Waterproofing: Overall better seals on the closures and shaft.
    • Better Motor: The upgraded motor is more powerful, built to tighter tolerances, and more reliable.
    • Stainless Steel Housing: The motor housing is now made of real brushed stainless steel for a far more premium experience.
    • More Stable Shaft: Tighter tolerances deep inside the motor translate directly onto the shaft's stability. Spinning dead center is key to spinning fast and reducing vibrations.
    • On/Off Digital Switch: The upgraded button is a feather-light on/off switch, allowing you to focus on the foam while holding the NanoFoamer as lightly as a pencil.
    • Safety PCB: Auto shut off after ninety seconds to prevent the ultra-fast motor from overheating the housing.
    • New Battery Housing: The internal design is as beautiful as the outside, with the batteries fitting directly into the handle and connecting with premium spring-loaded contacts.
    • Reduced Vibrations: The new internal design is built to much tighter tolerances, keeping everything snug to reduce all vibrations from the handle.
    • All New Engineering: Better internal engineering with sonic welded components instead of snap-fitted parts.

    For ultimate, rechargable performance, the NanoFoamer (Lithium) has the features of the V2 plus the following improvements

    • Dual-speed: This NanoFoamer is so powerful, it had to be slowed down, it was built with a multi-touch switch for selecting one of two speeds.
    • Powerful Li-ion battery: A powerful 3.7V 1200Mah lithium-ion battery gives this product superpowers up to 14k RPM and very high torque.
    • Battery Level Indicator: Four LEDs quickly show you when you should consider recharging.
    • USB Type C: USB-C is the connector of choice for all the best electronics on the market today, so you can recharge your NanoFoamer with any USB charger you already own.

    • Available in V2 or Lithium models
    • USB-C cable included with Lithium model
    • Two screens included
    • Waterproof
    • 5 mm diameter stainless steel shaft
  • Choose: Select a NanoScreen to suit your preferred microfoam type: Superfine, fine, or ordinary foam.

    Churn: Churn your warm milk (55°C is ideal) for about 15 seconds. Start in the middle to incorporate air, then move to the side to continue churning and blending the foam.

    Pour: Pour your perfectly microfoamed milk over espresso. It should feel like pouring paint. Draw a heart, rosetta or something abstract!

    Subminimal NanoFoamer - Getting Started Guide

  • Subminimal Nanofoamer - Data Sheet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
May (Toronto, CA)
Good stuff

Lithium version is more convenient for me to charge. Definitely better than other frother out there. Sleek and looks great too.

Konami Miwa (Calgary, CA)
Handy tool

They are a handy tool for frothing milk.
It foam into a creamy deliciousness.
Highly recommend!

Troy R. (Oshawa, CA)
Such an amazing frother!

I wanted to buy a frother from Amazon but saw this while brought 8oz. Happy that I bought this and the lithium model after seeing the reviews here and on youtube. Defitnely should opt for the lithium if you will be using it often as on low battery the impeller wont be able create enough torque against the milk. Really easy and quick to pick up. Makes it super fun to make cold foam or make some quick latte art in a pinch!

Anonymous (Burnaby, CA)

Does a great job of frothing milk :)

Lana (Brampton, CA)
Lithium model is great so far

The NanoFoamer is fun to use and can produce nice and silky milk. The controls are simple to operate, but it will definitely take some good practice in order to get consistent results with the milk texture.