Thoroughgood Tamper

When we see a tamper in a Barista’s hand we know the significance. It is the tool that a barista uses most often. The Tamp translates the Barista’s skill of craft into the resulting shot. Its is a tool of assumed simplicity with substantial purpose.

The Thoroughgood takes on a classic tamp shape then evolves to solve ergonomic and asthetic challenges of many traditional tamps. The wood to metal joint is perfectly smooth and a pleasure for your thumb to rest on. The Stainless steel base is precisely machined manually to accomplish some of the industries tightest tolerances + -.002 of inch. To help achieve a even and ideal extraction our stock actual tamper base diameter sizes are as follows: (custom bases sizes are available upon request) Tamp - Actual Diameter 58.30mm (2.295inches) Designed for use with precision baskets Tamp - Actual Actual Diameter 54.00mm (2.126inches)

Timber Types From Lightest to Darkest: Hard Maple, Ash, White Oak, Cherry, Walnut