KeepCup Original

The KeepCup Original series takes inspiration from current trends or themes and is updated every year to keep it's look fresh and up to date.

KeepCup Original is:

  • Fully recyclable – stable and widely recycled globally
  • Stackable - reducing freight requirements and carbon footprint
  • Fit for purpose – heat resistant, lightweight, unbreakable
  • Provides low embodied energy manufacturing capabilities
  • Independently tested to ensure it is BPA and BPS free

The KeepCup Tasting Notes colour series takes inspiration from the specialty coffee flavour wheel. The wheel is the most iconic resource in specialty coffee, the industry standard in flavour for over two decades. From the boldness of cocoa to fruity citrus flavours; Tasting Notes explores a world of unique, sometimes rare flavours and the bright colours of mother nature. Savour your favourite flavour with one of the 15 new KeepCup colours from the new Tasting Notes Colour series.

KeepCup Original is available in 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. Click on any of the below cups to choose your size and colour.

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